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    Chooks : Sustainable pets

    MANY of you who are reading this post are trying to make a difference at home with your footprint on the environment. Some of you have water tanks, others have solar panels while many people are doing simple acts like improving home insulation and composting home food waste. Well, chooks can help complete the picture in the backyard. In fact, chooks are also champion composters. Chook-keeping is becoming trendy. Normally, I’m not interested in the latest fads but I don’t mind being on board this bandwagon. Maybe you’ve had a similar epiphany – well, you’re not alone. There’s a groundswell rejecting the multinationals who are dictating our food choices, and…

  • Egg-eater
    About Chicken


    AT some stage you may have to deal with the problem of chooks becoming egg eaters. Whether it is out of boredom or because they are hungry and don’t have enough feed or need extra calcium, it is a problem that has to be dealt with quickly before others in the flock catch on. One of the best ways to reduce the potential for egg eating is to collect eggs from the nest box as often as you can, at least twice a day if possible. Eggs that are left in the nest box stand more chance of being accidentally broken by another bird; it will be then be eaten…