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Chooks : Sustainable pets

MANY of you who are reading this post are trying to make a difference at home with your footprint on the environment. Some of you have water tanks, others have solar panels while many people are doing simple acts like improving home insulation and composting home food waste. Well, chooks can help complete the picture in the backyard. In fact, chooks are also champion composters.

Chook-keeping is becoming trendy. Normally, I’m not interested in the latest fads but I don’t mind being on board this bandwagon. Maybe you’ve had a similar epiphany – well, you’re not alone. There’s a groundswell rejecting the multinationals who are dictating our food choices, and much of this movement is occurring in the suburbs. We seem to be returning to the ways of previous generations when keeping chooks was commonplace.

Keeping chickens in your backyard is more than a hobby, it’s a more sustainable way of life! I would also like to believe there is a repulsion towards the way we “manufacture” chicken meat for profit, and that people are reacting to the cruelty of the poultry industry. I was horrified when I learnt that the average hormone-boosted table chook lived only eight-ten weeks in a small cage, not once feeling the rays of the sun on their feathers. How did we get to the stage where we devalued other animal life so much?