Fox threat growing

YOUR beloved chooks have more chances to die from fox attack than any illness, especially in the suburbs where there is no bounty on these predators. Be warned,  early spring is a time when they are on the prowl.

Here is a story that illustrates the cunning and power of a fox.  A man keeping a two-month-old buff pekin pullet in a big cage undercover on their back veranda, near the backdoor and separate from the small backyard flock. The cage is used as a dog transport cage and sometimes requires two people to lift it.

So you can imagine the dismay and surprise when waking up in the morning to find the cage upturned about 5 metres from where it was.

The pullet, which was going to be a surprise gift for someone, was dead and the cage a mangled mess.

Even inside a cage your chooks aren’t safe.

In the country they bait and catch foxes and offer a bounty for their scalp. In the city, a fox’s only threat is a car bumper bar!

Anecdotally, I have heard about many chook owners who have lost birds in Preston and Northcote .